Manufacturing Process:

Barnes MasterCrafted Doors are controlled from start to finish.

Starting with the sorting and air drying of raw timber boards for 60-90 days to allow the woods to naturally acclimatize and adapt, lessening to time required prior to moving to any of our 10 computerized kiln drying chambers.

All timber is kiln dried in our advanced precision accurate wireless controlled client to server data module kiln chambers.
The increased accuracy or our wood drying is enhanced by the completely digital data transfer between data acquisition modules, process control modules and operator interface, resulting in a very even dry final moisture content of 8% boards prior to being discharged into production.

Following discharge, all boards are double planed, then re-sorted for defect elimination, then color sorted, and selected for best use (stiles, rails, panels, moldings, & frames).

Once the individual wood parts are selected and sorted, Barnes MasterCrafted doors begin transformation into precision cut LVL (Laminate Veneer Lumber) color matched facings to be laminated over engineered 100% hardwood door cores banded with matching species solid edging.

Barnes MasterCrafted door components are produced utilizing precision European machinery while along the way, components are metered for ultimate accuracy and exacting specifications.

All Barnes MasterCrafted Doors are solidly joined using the finest glues with mortise and tenon joinery, and reinforced with hardwood dowels for strong, permanent joints.

From this point, all doors are moved to CNC sizing, then doors specified for pre-hanging are further machined for hinges, lock bores, latch bores, and beveling in one of our 3 European CNC machines.

All doors, frames, and moldings are precision sanded starting with one of our 4 widebelt sanders, then following cnc machining mentioned above, doors continue to our automated orbital and vibrating sanding lines to assure the utmost smooth polished product ready for finish.

Barnes standard finish is 10 step, antique doors such as Pasadena, Balboa, Santa Barbara have 12 steps. ( additional steps for the antiquing)

All doors have 4 coats of Sherwin Williams newest non-yellowing, water base exterior top coats, then baked in Cefla finish ovens. Followed by approx. 30 min per door of hand rubbing with a wool lube type rubbing lubricant.

This top quality finish we use, has flexibility and will not crack when the wood moves like traditional polyurethanes.

On the Balboa and Santa Barbara models, we finish the operable lite, and bottom panels separately. This insures a complete seal, including under the mortise prep in the operable lite, (operable lites include a 2 point mortise locks and baby q-lon weatherstripping around the perimeter insuring a weather-tight seal) additionally, the panels in the doors will never have any exposed unfinished “bikini line” around the perimeter if or when they shrink.